Kids Kung Fu (Ages 8-13)

John Wai Kung Fu Junior Kung Fu

John Wai Kung Fu Junior Martial Artist

Children between the ages of 8 to 13 who participate in positive activities, primarily related towards self-development and self-improvement, tend to enter their teenage years with a more confident and enthusiastic outlook.

Building strong physical, intellectual, emotional, and social skills are crucial during these years, where outside influences are becoming more prominent. It is important to find the right activity and environment to nourish these skills such as Kung Fu, where positive development is reinforced and encouraged each class.

Our dynamic program focuses on teaching Kung Fu to children in a way that emphasizes a healthy body and mind, with the added benefit of self-protection.

Children learn traditional Kung Fu, along with additional essential components including sparring, effective self-defense techniques, and dynamic kicking - all taught in a fun to environment while at the same time dramatically enhancing the abilities of each student physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

Whether your child is very shy, or extremely outgoing, this age-specific program blends a healthy balance of lessons and training that will make a dramatic difference as they enter their teenage years.

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