ILKBBanner2If you are like me you always get the same expression on the person standing across from you after you’ve told them how you stay in shape – Kickboxing. The awful “What?!” from the friend who thinks you are crazy.

Kickboxing is not a super intense sport for only elite athletes so get ready to wipe their expression clean!

Kickboxing takes all the complication out of working out because you get to have fun and learn to kick butt at the same time. An Instructor is always there to help, and they keep safety as a top priority. There are always ways to give your family or friend the nudge they need to keep up and that nudge is YOU.  Find someone who can fit your schedule and make whatever pact to get in shape and look, feel, and see a better you.

The members at John Wai Kung Fu Academy were all trial members at one point in their kickboxing career. On top of being first time Kickboxers many of them had said “I haven’t worked out in ages”. What better time to get started than now. Kickboxing is rated among the best for both strength and cardiovascular exercise. The classes are a blast and it only takes a few minutes before getting lost in the rhythm of the music and gloves against the bag.

Ready for the challange...Get Started Now!/