This will be the beginning of a journey rich in culture, tradition and gratifying accomplishment.

Weather you have trained before or you are brand new to martial arts, the rewards are equally beneficial. By learning Kung Fu you will be improving your physical fitness, strength, flexibility, harmony, balance and agility.  Not only will you be learning the physical aspects of one of the oldest styles in existence, but also the cultural. It is our goal to develop well rounded Martial Artists, trained in body, mind and spirit.

Your training will consist of stretching and physical conditioning drills and basic techniques such as stances, blocks, punches and kicks. You will learn Shaolin fighting forms, Chinese weaponry, Self Defense techniques and sparring.  Each class will emphasize a different aspect of Choy Lay Fut to encourage the over- all growth and development of our students.  There are many reasons to train Kung Fu and many schools can you can choose from, please come and see what sets our style and our training apart from the rest.

Ready to begin your journey... take advantage of our web offer 3 class just $19.99