New Years – How to Start off Fresh and Keep it that Way

There is enough research out there to tell you whatever you want to hear about New Year’s resolutions. I’m sure there are statistics left and right on how many people drop their New Year’s Resolution in the first week and that’s perfectly fine. Because those people aren’t YOU.

The fact of the matter is the only promise you should keep to yourself is to always be improving. There are many times we find ourselves giving up on long term unrealistic goals. As long as you accomplish something I believe in an inspiration to expand on that accomplishment and continue with tons of improvement.

Let’s take losing weight for example. The overall idea is to be in a more healthy state of being. So start by setting a realistic goal – something short and easy that can be expanded upon later. Losing 10 pounds is one of the most common goals a fitness instructor will ever hear. 10 pounds seems like a small amount but to keep that weight gone is a different matter. The recommended amount of weight you are supposed to lose is 2 to 3 pounds per WEEK. So let’s do some math here and, in less than 2 months you could drop up to 24 pounds!
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