choylayfut_yellowAt the core of our training is the Kung Fu style of Choy Lay Fut, one of the most dynamic, effective and complete fighting systems from China. Choy Lay Fut was originally developed as a secret, emergency combat fighting system used during the turbulent period of civil wars in China. Choy Lay Fut stresses fast and powerful stance transitions coordinated with devastating combinations of smashing-swing fists, punches, animal strikes, kicks, grabs, and throws. The curriculum ranges from basic to advanced techniques with many hand, weapon, and internal forms. The hand forms are smooth and technical by nature, and practiced with power and accuracy. The weapon forms vary widely ranging from long, short, single and double handed weapons learned with masterful precision. Internal forms utilize meditation and breathing exercises to promote inner strength and relaxation. Together these forms and techniques within the forms combine the elements of mind and body to help a student grow to full potential.

We teach two branches of Choy Lay Fut. One branch of Choy Lay Fut we teach is passed on to us by the late Master Lee Koon Hung and 2nd branch from Master Wong Gong.

Sifu John Wai was Master Lee‘s Chief Instructor when Master Lee opened his first school in the United States. Sifu Wai assisted Master Lee in establishing and building a successful school and promoted two major international tournaments. Sifu Wai later became Master Lee’s Godson and was taught many advanced Choy Lay Fut forms and weapon sets.

The second branch of Choy Lay Fut is passed on to Sifu Wai by 4th Generation Choy Lay Fut Master Wong Gong. Master Wong began training CLF at age 10 from the famous CLF Grandmaster Chan Cheong Mo in Jiangmen and later continued to train with Chen Yen at the King Mui branch. For the past 54 years, Wong Gong has taught Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu and works as a traditional Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist in Kowloon, Hong Kong. He is presently the President of Jiangmen Choy Lay Fut Federation.

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