John Wai Kung Fu Academy

Plantation Martial Arts

A disciplined industry leader in the field of martial arts, fitness, and personal development upholding to the highest standards of the Martial Arts field.

With a reputation for being one of the best Kung Fu schools available in Southern Florida, John Wai has set the standards for all other martial arts facilities. Our programs are traditional and true to their origins but taught with innovative techniques. By focusing on physical fitness as well as personal growth, we are consistently developing well rounded athletes, strong in mind, body and spirit.

Since our doors first opened in 1997, it has been our mission to provide entire families a facility to train martial arts, learn self-defense and improve their health. The school itself has a welcoming and inviting atmosphere with top quality equipment and you will find every person in the building from staff to student is helpful, supportive and friendly. Whether you are brand new to martial arts or you have been training for years, you will instantly feel like a member of our team.

John Wai has over 25 years of martial arts experience and understands that there must be perfect balance to run a successful school. We wouldn’t be able to produce the highest quality athletes without the highest quality instructors; therefore all of our employees have extensive training and are handpicked by John Wai himself.

All of the teachers at our Academy are extremely skilled and highly talented Martial Artists with some who specialize in certain areas such as Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sanshou or Kickboxing. Our instructors are professional, dedicated and inspirational. Whichever class you take, whichever instructor you work with, they will treat you with respect, motivate you to work harder than you thought you could and help you reach which ever goals you set for yourself.

With this solid core, we are able to offer time-honored styles taught in modern innovative ways. You will never be bored during a single class because we continuously strive to keep things fresh and exciting. Combining all of this and much more in a family friendly environment has proven to be the winning formula for creating success in every aspect of your life.

It is our strongest desire to bring the best out of you, mentally and physically. Experience the differences that make us stand apart from all the rest.

Our Trainers

John Wai, and his personally selected team of the highest esteemed instructors.

  • Tamer Mahfouz
    Rank: Black

    Instructor Tamer Mahfouz has been training at John Wai Kung...

  • Curline Dvorok
    Rank: Black

    Instructor Curline Dvorok has been training Choy Lay Fut Kung...

  • Martin Dvorok
    Rank: Black

    Senior Instructor Martin Dvorok began his extensive martial arts training...

  • Dossy Lewin
    Rank: Black

    Senior Instructor Dossy Lewin, began her training of Kung Fu...

  • Bill Wright
    Rank: Black

    Senior Instructor Bill Wright has over 17 years of Choy...

  • John Wai
    Rank: Head Instructor

    Head Instructor John Wai was born in Hong Kong and...

Our Standards

School Creed

Be wise and courageous
Be infinitely loyal and completely truthful
Train diligently and train hard
Strive for self improvement


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