Our mission is to enhance the physical and mental well-being of every individual who trains at the John Wai Martial Arts Academy. We use the martial art disciplines of Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Sanshou as the foundation for personal growth. And it is each instructors’ objective to nurture self-confidence, enhance physical strength, and build mental fortitude within each one of our students.


Whether participating in our beginner program or our most advanced class, you will find our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Beginning from the very first day of training, instructors and students alike seek to take the paths towards excellence. We want every experience within the Academy to represent the same discipline, respect, and courtesy we teach students to apply in their own lives.


It is our vision at the John Wai Martial Arts Academy to build a positive community by developing role models of the strongest character and utmost integrity.


The Academy’s commitment to authentic training methods is unrivaled. Over 35 years of martial arts training by John Wai assures each student, regardless of experience, receives the highest quality, traditional martial arts training.

 Instructors trained within the Academy, and those who bring their own experiences, all share the same commitment to authentic martial arts. When this approach to authentic is combined with current applications, students become equipped for everyday life situations. It is this balance between the traditional and the modern which sets the John Wai Martial Arts Academy apart from all others.